Monarchs Plus

About marciaborell

My relationship with photography began by taking slides of my artwork for juried art shows.
Check out my photo essay on monarch butterflies:
I came across an open invitation to participate in a Photography Scavenger Hunt. I fell in love with the hunt and photography and the amazing creative people that keep the hunt going and share their photos.

I raise monarchs. They are great models from eggs, to quarter-inch caterpillars that grow to 3 to 4 inch caterpillars that pupate into a jade green chrysalis, to the emerging adults. As I release them I have discovered the cute hummingbird moth, tiny bees, and the huge oil beetle.
Check out my photo essay at Click on Generation and mine is the 6th article. My Summer Life an Empty Garden
I also love snow and ice, water and sky, and rocks. I love creating and editing images to tell a story.
Please Check out my monarch videos here:
More to come!